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Favorite Running Path

Garage Art

I came across this garage door yesterday. It is the most beautiful garage door I think I have ever seen. It took me back and I couldn’t help but admire and study it. It is made out of what looked like a small chain link. Stunning.

Just off The Sweet Little Honey

Fresh off the Sweet Little Honey. Hemp linen. Love that hemp linen.

Toronto Home School

We started our Toronto Home School on Wednesday. This time it will only be in session for two weeks. The girls and I go back to California on September 3rd. Adelaide informed me that she likes home school more that her regular school. I can see why. A zero stress morning filled with a relaxing breakfast, tea and music. Doing school work at her own pace on our own schedule. Implementing the things that she finds interesting. Finished by 1pm.
Pretty good.

Monopoly House

I saw this house in Bozeman Montana and loved it. It reminds me of the game pieces in Monopoly. I am drawn to the strong forms and simplicity of it. White houses look really good in Montana. Must be the big sky and wheat colored mountains. Nice.

Main Street USA

This is Main Street, Bozeman, Montana. It is a good example of small town Main Street USA. There are lots of shops, restaurants, a theatre, library, barbershop…all the necessities are right here. There is something very comforting about this street.

The Ellen Theatre.

The Ellen Theatre.

Main Street

God Bless America.


Barber shop.

Ted Turner’s Place.

Community Co-op

Community Co-op bulletin board.

Feed mill at the end and behind Main Street.


I dined at the Emerson Grill last Saturday. A lovely fine dining establishment set in Bozeman’s original high school. Built at the turn of the last century, the high school was outgrown and turned into a cultural center in the heart of the historic neighborhood in Bozeman. It contains many art galleries on the main floor, along with my favored, Emerson Grill. On the second floor the classrooms now house working artists, along with yoga studios and children’s art studios. It is one of my (many) favorite places in Bozeman. Very unique, just like this place.

Outside Emerson Grill

Doorway Emerson Grill

Salmon Dinner

View out window onto garden from my table.

Flowers on window ledge next to my table.

Painting I want… Mark Baumbach, Whitefish, Montana.

Another painting I want ~ Mark Baumbach, Whitefish, Montana

Third painting I want ~ Mark Baumbach, Whitefish, Montana.

Sweet Montana

I arrived in Bozeman Montana a few days ago. I have taken a solo trip to a place that I have wanted to visit for over three years. I was here 20 years ago working and it has always lingered in my mind and heart.

I have been touring around Bozeman and near surrounding areas, soaking up all that is Montana. The sense of space, light and sky is unlike anywhere else I have visited. Hiking in this geography is perhaps one of my favorite experiences in life. It is hard not to love this place. Sweet Montana that’s the best way to describe it.


Fun World

We visited Sauble Beach Fun World the weekend we went to Lake Huron. It really is a Fun World. We go-carted, slid down the big slide. The kids went on the spinnie thing and water wars. Good wholesome fun was had by all.

Ava and Ade on twirling ride.

Oh yeah, we’re in Fun World!

Twirling ride.

Love these vintage graphics

Ade at the bottom of the Giant Slide.

A good place to sit and watch the kids twirling.

A reminder of our happiness.

Twirling Strawberries.

Ava and Ade anxiously waiting for their turn on the go-carts.

Martin ready for the race.